Charter Boat Program


The fact is, the Trophy mount industry hasn’t changed in decades. The only option up until now for an angler to display his catch was Taxidermy. Not anymore! Maui Fish Printing Trophy Mounts is revolutionizing the Trophy mount industry. By giving Charter boat customers another option to commemorate their “trophy” catch, Maui Fish Printing Trophy Mounts are turning heads and opening up completely untapped markets.  The artistic nature of our  fish prints appeals to a much larger and to totally different  types of anglers that  would never consider a taxidermy mount.   When thinking about putting their fish on the wall, fish prints appeal to more people.  Fish printing not only captures the typical male angler, it also attracts female anglers who are the fastest growing segment in the fishing industry.

Striped Marlin Trophy Fish Mount Print

SIMPLE. That is the best way to describe how our program works. If you’re selling trophy mounts to your customers, you already know our program.   We’ve structured our program the same way. You collect and keep the deposit and we take care of the rest. Like taxidermy, we DO NOT NEED the fish, although sending the fish is an option (see a list of available fish below). Most importantly, One price covers everything!  No surprise calls to your customer asking for more money. No additional charges for crating, handling, insurance and shipping.  It’s all included in our price.  Now that’s simple and easy to explain to your anglers!!


We are not trying to replace Taxidermy.  We simply want you to give your customers the choice.  Fish Printing or Taxidermy.  Either way,  you double your chances of making a sale by offering fish printing and give your customer a unique, artistic way of displaying their catch at 50% lower overall price. Check out our comparison chart below.

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Call today  and we will send you all the materials you need to get started offering Maui Fish Printing Trophy Mounts to your customers.   You have absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain!


About Our Trophy Mount Program

Maui Fish Printing

Up to 50% Lower overall price to Angler

One price covers everything

  • No Shipping Charge
  • No Crating Charge
  • No Handling Charge
  • No Insurance Charge


2-3 WEEKS Delivery
Personal Service
Appeals to a larger market


More Expensive overall price to Angler

Lots of additional costs

  • Extra for Shipping ($$$)
  • Extra for Crating (24% more)
  • Extra for Handling ($$)
  • Extra for Insurance ($)


4-6 MONTHS Delivery
Smaller market appeal

Give Your Customers a Choice

Make your Customers Happy — Turn their Fish into ART

Malolo Trophy Fish Mount Print

“I prefer Brian’s fish prints over a taxidermist mount primarily because it is an accurate rendering of the catch and a more versatile piece of art than the fiberglas facsimile. His beautifully colored prints can be displayed tastefully in any setting, making it acceptable in an office or a home. Also, Brian’s fish printing is done here on Maui, making it less expensive to create and available in a more timely manner than a mainland taxidermist. His service is quick and personal and the end result is top-notch.”

Fishing Vessel “Excellence”

mahi mahi Trophy Fish Mount Print

“Fish prints give you the opportunity to show off your trophy catch in a ‘fine art’ kind of way all the time. It’s not like you need a man cave to display your trip of a lifetime. I like the small colorful fish because they can easily be displayed in a smaller space and add a story to the room like in your bathroom, hey it’s not like there isn’t already a water theme there.”

Fishing Vessel “Marjorie Ann”

menpachi Trophy Fish Mount Print

“They do great work and everything is included in their price. My customers love them and keep booking more charters just to get a different fish print. This style of mount is so unique it is a great conversation piece for anyone’s home or office.”

— Captain Steve Carroll
Fishing Vessel “Start Me Up”

kagami Trophy Fish Mount Print

“I can’t believe fish printing has been around for so long and no one has done what Maui Fish Printing is doing. They take all the hassles out of the process and call every angler within hours. I have one myself and my wife is constantly showing it off!”

— Captain Jeff Kahl
Fishing Vessel “Piper”


Local Name / Common Name / Scientific Name


A’awa / Hawaiian Hogfish / BODIANUS BILUNULATUS

Ahi / Yellowfin Tuna / THUNNUS ALBACARES

Aku / Skipjack Tuna / KATSUWONUS PELAMIS

‘Ala’ihi / Saber Squirrelfish / SARGOCENTRON SPINIFERUM

‘Ala’ihi /  Hawaiian Squirrelfish / HOLOCENTRUS XANTHERYTHRUM

‘Ala’ihi & U’u (Menpachi) / Squirrelfish Family / HOLOCENTRIDAE

A’u / Blue Marlin /  MAKAIRA NIGRICANS

‘Aweoweo / Hawaiian Bigeye / PRIACANTHUS MEEKI

Blackeye Kole / Black Surgeonfish / CTENOCHAETUS HAWAIIENSIS

Hapu’upu’u / Hawaiian Grouper / EPINEPHELUS QUERNUS

Hinalea / Psychedelic Wrasse / ANAMPSES CHRYSOCEPHALUS

Humuhumu hi’ukole / Pinktail Durgon / MELICHTHYS VIDUA

Humuhumu umaumalei / Lei Triggerfish / SUFFLAMEN BURSA

Humuhumu mimi / Bridle Triggerfish /  Sufflamen fraenatus

Kahala / Greater Amberjack /  SERIOLA DUMERILI

Kaku / Great Barracuda /  SPHYRAENA BARRACUDA

Kamanu / Rainbow Runner / ELAGATIS BIPINNULATA

Kawakawa /  Wavy back Tuna / EUTHYNNUS AFFINIS

Kumu / Whitesaddle Goatfish / PARUPENEUS PORPHYREUS


Lau Wiliwili / Milletseed Butterflyfish / CHAETODON MILIARIS

Lehi / Ironjaw Snapper / APHAREUS RUTILANS


Menpachi Ulua / Bigeye Trevally / CARANX SEXFASCIATUS


Moano Kale / Blue Goatfish / PARUPENEUS CYCLOSTOMUS

Moi / Six-Fingered Threadfin / POLYDACTYLUS SEXFILIS

Monchong / Pomfrets / BRAMIDAE


Munu / Doublebar Goatfish / PARUPENEUS BIFASCIATUS


Nunu Peke / Cornetfish /  FISTULARIA COMMERSONI

Omilu / Bluefin Trevally / CARANX MELAMPYGUS


O’opu hue / Stripebelly Puffer / AROTHRON HISPIDUS


Onaga / Longtail Red Snapper / Etelis coruscans


Palani / Eyestriped Surgeonfish / ACANTHURUS DUSSUMIERI

Roi / Peacock Grouper / CEPHALOPHOLIS ARGUS

Taape / Bluestripe Snapper / LUTJANUS KASMIRA

Toau / Blacktail Snapper / LUTJANUS FULVUS

Uhu ‘ahu’ula / Spectacled Parrotfish / SCARUS PERSPICILLATUS

Uhu / Parrotfish Family / SCARIDAE

Uku / Blue/Green Snapper / APRION VIRESCENS

Ulua / Jack Family / CARANGIDAE

Ulua au kea / Giant Trevally / CARANX IGNOBILIS

Ulua Pa’opa’o / Golden Trevally / GNATHANODON SPECIOSUS

Weke Ula (red) / Yellowfin Goatfish / MULLOIDICHTHYS VANICOLENSIS

Malolo / Flying Fish / Exocoetidae

Nabeta /  Peacock Wrasse / Iniistius pavo

Yellowspot Papio / Yellowspot Trevally / Carangoides fulvoguttatus

Striped Papio / Striped Trevally / Carangoides malabaricus

Po’ou / Ringtail Wrasse / Oxycheilinus unifasciatus

Kamanu / Rainbow Runner / Elagatis bipinnulata

‘Oio /  Bonefish / Albula vulpes

Humuhumu hi’ukole / Pinktail Triggerfish / Melichthys vidua

Yellow Anthias / Yellow Anthias /  Pseudanthias hawaiiensis

Nunu Peke /  Cornetfish /  FISTULARIA COMMERSONI

Nunu / Trumpetfish / Aulostomus maculatus

Striped Bass / Rockfish / Morone Satatilis

Northern Pike / Northern Pike / Esox Lucius

Bluegill / Bluegill / Lepomis macrochirus

Largemouth Bass / Largemouth Bass / Micropterus salmoides

Atlantic Salmon / Atlantic Salmon / Salmo salar

Sockeye Salmon / Ocean Phase / Oncorhynchus nerka

Coho Salmon /  Ocean Phase /  Oncorhynchus kisutch

If the fish caught is not listed, call 808-344-9954 immediately for instructions