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What is Gyotaku?

Fish Printing

Gyotaku reflects a part of Japanese history. Gyotaku or fish printing, is an ancient, time honored traditional Japanese art form. Over a century ago, freshly caught fish were painted with a non-toxic ink, and covered with a piece of delicate rice paper. The paper was then carefully smoothed down, and depending on the amount of pressure applied and ink/paint on fish it creates an exact size imprint of the fish. Once the print was completed, the fish could be washed and prepared for a meal.

Over the years, Gyotaku has now grown to be recognized as its own art form. The essence of fish printing is very simple and pure, take something from Nature and capture its soul on rice paper or cloth, just as it has been for centuries.

"WOW!!! An amazing work of art! It turned out more beautiful than I could have imagined. Even the woman at the frame shop was impressed! A fishing trip to be remembered every time my family and I look at the Mahi Mahi that Brian created for our 12 year old son and his first fish!"






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Aloha and welcome.
I feel extremely blessed to have made a choice to move to Maui which led to my introduction to this somewhat “unknown” art form almost 10 years ago. My love and passion for the ocean is the core reason for expressing myself and nature through fish printing. I feel very proud and gracious when my clients tell me it shows in my work. Every fish I print is special, no matter how big or small. Each one has a story to tell and I consider it my honor to be allowed to tell it. I’ll never forget the first time I attempted to print a fish. It was not in the most ideal conditions, on a table in the main cabin of a snorkel boat. It was a Mahi Mahi, and when I peeled off the rice paper to look at what I created, I remember a feeling of pure joy, of finding a piece of myself I didn’t even knew existed. From that moment, I knew fish printing would be in my life forever. Aloha…Brian


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Maui Fish Printing Benefits

Maui Fish Printing offers a great charter boat trophy mount program. As all boat captains know people love to commemorate their catch. They want to remember the feeling of the ocean mist, the salty breeze, and the strain of their muscles as they fought to bring in a beautiful catch. The most common way people memorialize these exhilarating moments is through trophy fish mounting with taxidermy. The process is very expensive, takes a long time, and results in a fish mount that collects dust, takes up space, and is commonly referred to as an eyesore by the decorator in the home.

Maui Fish printing offers an alternative that uses an ancient traditional art form. By printing and painting a catch onto premium rice paper Maui Fish Printing captures the essence of your customers fish in a beautiful art piece. Your customers won’t think twice about ‘mounting’ their catch when they know the resulting product is quality art that everyone will enjoy. For more information about the program click below. For questions email Brian at or call now (808) 344-9954

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